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Web Design

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Graphic Design

— Logo

Business Cards

— Brand Style Guides

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Invitation Design

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Menu Design

Our Process

1. Project request

Please be as precise as possible with your information, this will help us to understand what it’s about and save both time.

2. Discover

Next, we determine the best way to strategically meet the design goals of your brand.

3. Research

Gathering information and understanding the context of the project, including the target audience, competitors, industry trends.

4. Design

The design phase is where we build out the usage guidelines, user experience, and prototype the product.

5. Development

We’re connected with some pretty talented and creative devs, they’ll get the job done right.

4. Launch

Congratulations! Once all parties involved are satisfied with the result, the website goes live or is transferred to the customer. Of course, we are available for any questions after the competition.

Frequently asked questions

To get started, fill out our contact form here. We usually begin projects with a meeting to understand your needs. Then, we’ll work together to define the project and the specific services we can offer to help you. During this phase, we collaborate with you to delineate the project’s scope and identify the services we can provide to assist you.

Most of my projects range between $3,000 and $5,000. My minimum engagement fee is $1,000. We provide our clients with various flexible billing options, including fixed project fees and hourly rates.

Our main focus is human-centric design, which encompasses our processes. Therefore, we highly recommend reaching out to us initially so that we can provide a more detailed explanation of our requirements.

For every project, we initiate the process with a comprehensive overview document. This document allows us to gain a better understanding of your company, needs, and objectives. Additionally, we can schedule additional discovery calls to define project goals, budget, timeline, team structure, and other pertinent details.

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