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3D Character Design


We modeled 6 similar monsters. All of them have the same paws and legs, and horns became another similarity, but one monster is not the same as all of them, and therefore he stands sad aside.

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We modeled this guy first. He has a square body and short fluffy hair. This is the friendliest monster in the whole family.

Mr. Screamer

Another monster that stands out for its unusual appearance. 

We called him a screamer. On the top of his head, we added pieces 

of hair that looks like grass, and we made the body out of sheep’s wool.

Candy and

This is our favorite couple – Pineapple and candy. Sweety has a smooth coat of medium length and a pleasant pink hue, but Pineapple clearly has every strand stuck together at the top. In the example of Candy, we first tried the function – Particle edit. We admit honestly – combing monsters are still a pleasure 🙂


Another monster that can boast of its unusual hairstyle.

 The appearance of the Cane definitely hints at informality.


A sad monster that stood out with its ears and lack of horns. In the particle settings, we added roughness to the fur because that’s how we were able to achieve a messy hairstyle.


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